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Proprietorship Firm

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Get GST Registration Number &MSME UdyogAAdhar Registration in 2-3 working days

There is no limitation on the number of persons to start a business. A single person can start their business. A business owned, managed and controlled by an individual called Proprietorship Firm. In India, more than 95% of business is conducted by individuals and they do so as a proprietorship firm. A proprietorship Firm has the least compliance to do so. There is no separate registration required for creating a proprietorship firm. A person can start its business in any name as he desired. Even a name is not required to register for a proprietorship firm. The liability of proprietor of proprietorship firm is unlimited. The owner (The proprietorship) is responsible for all activities undertaken under the proprietorship firm business. As there is no separate registration is required for a proprietorship firm, a proprietorship firm has to take various registration such as GST Registration, Shop Establishment Registration, MSME Registration for the execution of business.
Advantages of Proprietorship Firm
1. Only one individual is required to execute the proprietorship firm
2. Its simple to start a proprietorship firm
3. It is not a separate entity under Income Tax and GST Law for taxation purposes.
4. The owner has to file Income Tax Return and GST return through his PAN.
5. There is no separate PAN number for the proprietorship firm. Owner/ Proprietor’s PAN serves the purpose for all legal requirements.
6. The proprietorship firm can take GST registration in a proprietorship firm’s name. However, the proprietor’s PAN shall be used for registration purposes.
7. Proprietor is responsible and liable for all business activities
8. The liabilities of proprietors remain unlimited.
9. There is no major compliance such as required under Private Limited Companies or One Person Companies or Limited Liability Partnership.

For registration of a Proprietorship Firm, we make sure the following requirements have been fulfilled:

1. There should only be one person.
2. The person should have a PAN card.
3. The age of Individual should have more than 18 years old.

Steps for registration
1. First of all the required Documents have to provide the team of Suresoft. All the documents should be self-attested and can be forwarded soft copy through the mail.
2. Our professional team shall review the documents and shall prepare an application for registration such as GST Registration, MSME Registration or Registration under Shop Establishment Act.
3. You can click on the link for GST Registration
4. Support in opening bank accounts for Proprietorship Firm.
5. Guidance on Proprietorship Firm for 15 days for easy starting of business.
Required Documents
1. PAN No of Proprietor
2. Photo of Proprietor
3. Address proof such as electricity bill or Bank Statement of Proprietor

Address Proof

1. such as Rent agreement and electricity bill of Business Place
2. Objective of the Business
Here to Help
Compliances related to Proprietorship Firm can be done through Sure Soft, a professionally managed company, having workplace all over India Including Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and other Indian cities. If you wish to work as a Proprietorship Firm, you can contact us at [email protected] Our Professionally skilled team shall assist you with procedures and formalities to execute the same. You can clear your doubts associated with Proprietorship Firm and other information with our specialist.
  • 1. Whether we have to visit Office of SURE SOFT for documentation and other related works ?
    No, it's a 100% online process. You have to provide all the documents through mail. You are not supposed to visit the Office of sure soft. No Physical presence of Directors/ Shareholders required.
  • 2. At which Location SURE SOFT providing services of Incorporation ?
    SURE SOFT is one of the leading service providing firm. It is providing service in all over India. Sure Soft can be registered/ incorporate a private limited Company, any State in India.
  • 3. How much time taken for registration of the Proprietorship Firm ?
    In case all documents provided in proper order, your Firm shall get registered in 3 working days only.
  • 4. What is the minimum Capital required for registration of a Proprietorship Firm ?
    There is no minimum capital requirement for a Proprietorship Firm. A person can invest the amount as he deemed sufficient for running his business.
  • 5. Whether 2 or more individuals can register his business as Proprietorship ?
    No for proprietorship firm, only one individual is required.
  • 6. Whether Proprietorship Firm has separate PAN Number ?
    PAN number of individuals shall be used for registration of the Proprietorship Firm. There is no separate PAN allotted for Proprietorship Firm.
  • 7. Whether Income Tax Return (ITR) shall be filed in the name of Proprietorship Firm ?
    As there is no separate PAN in the name of Income Tax Return (ITR) shall be filed in the name of Proprietorship Firm, Income Tax Return (ITR) shall be filed in the name of Proprietorship (Owner) of the firm.
  • 8. Whether is it require to register the Name of the firm before starting the business ?
    There is no such requirement. An individual can start his business with a name as he wants.
  • 9. Can a Proprietorship Firm work all over the World ?
    Yes, a Proprietorship Firm can work all over India and also all over the World.
  • 10. Is it a difficult task to registered a Proprietorship Firm ?
    No, You should feel it's a child's play to registered a Proprietorship Firm with the team of SURE SOFT. Sure soft has dedicated technical and professional in-house team, and you should get registration of a Proprietorship Firm in 3 working days only.
  • 11. Whether a private limited company is Govern through any Law ?
    A Partnership Firm is the most popuA private limited company is the most popular legal form of registering its business in India. A Pvt Ltd company govern with Companies Act, 2013 and the Companies Incorporation Rules, 2014.lar legal form of registering its business in India. A Partnership Firm governs with Partnership Act, 1932.
  • 12. What statutory Requirement to be completed after registration of a Firm ?
    After registration of the Proprietorship Firm one has to open a current bank account. He can also apply for Registration under Shop Establishment Act and MSME registration.
  • 13. Can a Proprietorship Firm have to take Office on Rent or can be registered at home address ?
    A person can register his Proprietorship Firm either from the rented Office or from his house.
  • 14. 16. Are there any other hidden charges ?
    No, it's inclusive of Tax.