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Its dream of everyone to be Managing Director of his Business and a person can fulfill this dream by registering or incorporating his business as a company. Sometimes, a person wants to incorporate the company but he does not want to include others in his company. On the other side he does not want to work as a proprietor as there are various drawbacks to doing business as proprietor.

Considering these problems, the Government of India has introduced an inspirational concept of One Person Company (OPC). Companies Act, 2013 has introduced a concept of One Person Company (OPC). The main object behind the incorporation of OPC is to encourage new entrepreneurs to line up microeconomic business and to curtail bar on an individual to start a company, otherwise, he has to work as a sole proprietorship only.

One Person Company registration is one of the most popular and most desirable options for doing business. An OPC company can have only a shareholder and minimum one with the maximum limit of twelve directors. It has a distinct person under the law, and there is limited liability of the shareholder of an OPC. In a case of default, banks/creditors can only sell the company’s assets but not the personal assets of the shareholder. That's why, a company registration is the best option to start the business as a registered company. It is very important to start the business as a registered company because a registered company has multiple advantages from easy to register to easy to dissolve.

Today, maximum Start-ups, E-commerce, Information Technology Service Provider, and Professionals prefer registered his business as an OPC.

• Statutory Definition of One Person Company :

As per Sub-section 62 of Section 2 of the Companies Act 2013, One Person Company as “a company which has only one person as a member” where all the legal and financial liabilities are limited to the company and not its members.
Benefits Of OPC


• Limited Liability:

The concept of limited liability is applicable to One Person Company. The shareholder of the company shall be liable for liabilities to the extent of paid-up share capital of the company.

• Legal Entity:

The legal entity of an OPC is different from its owner. It differs from an Individual who is the member and director of the company.

• Transferability of Shares:

OPC has only one shareholder and there should not be more than one member. Hence the question for transfer of shares not arise. If the shareholder transfer its share, has to transfer 100% shares to others otherwise have to convert it into Private Limited Company.

• Tax Flexibility and Savings:

As OPC is separate from its shareholder or directors, a director can receive remuneration, rent, can advance money to your own company and can earn interest on the loan.

• Complete Control by the Single Owner:

OPC is controlled and managed by the Single member. A single member can make a decision fast and can execute easily.


For registration of a One Person Company, we have to make sure the following requirements have been fulfilled :

• Only One Individual:

There should be only 1 person, who can be a director as well as the shareholder of the company. For an OPC there should be a minimum one director and only one shareholder. Only an individual can be Director and Shareholder of OPC.

• Unique Name of the Company:

The name of the company creates the identity of the business. The name of the company should be unique and do not be resemble with other company names. Your company name should also not be matched with any trademark in India.
If you want to reserve your company name. Pl. click here. Pl. note that the name should be reserve for 15 days only.
Steps For Registration


1. Apply for DSC:

First of all, the shareholder and all the proposed directors of the Company have to apply for DSC. DSC is an online signature to be used for filing of registration of a company as well as for future compliances. You can get DSC through Sure soft at a very nominal charge. The following documents are for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC):
• Address Proof
• Aadhaar card
• PAN card
• Photo
• Email Id
• Phone Number

2. Name Approval Application:

After getting the Digital Certificate we shall apply to reserve the unique name of the company. You need to provide at least two names for your company. These names should be unique and should not be identical to other names. If the applied name/ names are unique, MCA shall approve one name for registration of the company. It mandatory that the name of the company should contain (OPC) Private Limited at the end of the company name.

3. Preparation of Related Documents:

After Name approval, the professional team of sure soft shall prepare the documents required to be submitted along with the application for registration

4: Preparation of MOA & AOA:

The professional team of sure soft shall prepare the e-MOA (INC-33) & e- AOA (INC -34) to define objects and rules of the company.

5. Appoint a Nominee :

Since there is only one Director along with shareholder, a nominee on behalf of such a person has to be appointed. It is required to appoint a nominee because in case, there is some is misshaping with shareholder or the shareholder dies or due to some other reasons he is incapable to make decisions or to execute his duties, the nominee will perform on behalf of the director and execute the work on his behalf. Nominee has to give consent in Form INC – 3.

6. Filing of Application for registration with MCA :

After preparation of all documents, MOA & AOA, an application for registration/incorporation of One Person Company (OPC) shall be filled. Along with registration application, application for PAN & TAN shall also be filled.

7. Get Certificate of Incorporation :

Once the Registrar of Companies (ROC), satisfied with the documents, ROC will issue a Certificate of Incorporation.

8. Start your Business :

After incorporation, start your business and fulfill your dreams.
Required Documents


In addition to documents prepared by Suresoft, we need the following documents for all Shareholder/Directors and Nominee :

Copy of PAN Card
Passport size Photo
Any one of Voter ID/ Driving Licence/ Passport as ID proof
Any one of Bank Statement / Electricity Bill/ Telephone Bill as address proof
All documents should be self-attested.
Address Proof documents i.e bank Statement or Electricity Bill or Telephone Bill should not be older than two-month
b) Registered Address Proof
The registered office is the place, where the companies have their think tank.
The registered office can be any place, rented or owned, Commercial or Residential building. For Registered office purpose the following documents are required:
• Rent Agreement
• Electricity Bill/ Water Bill/ Gas Bill not older than two months
• NOC from landlord
Here To Help


OPC registration can be done through Sure Soft, a professionally managed company, having offices all over India Including Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and other Indian cities. If you want to register your company then you can contact us at [email protected] Our professional team will help you with the procedure of incorporation of company formation and new company formations/registration procedures. You can clear your doubts related to company registration and other information with our experts.
Services provided for Registration of an OPC


Sure soft shall provide the following services:

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
Director Identification Number (DIN)
Name Approval
Memorandum of Association (MOA)
Article of Association (AOA)
Company Incorporation Certificate (CIN)
Allotment of PAN Number
Allotment of TAN Number


  • 1. Whether, we have to visit the office of SURE SOFT for documentation and other related works ?
    No, it's 100% online process. You have to provide all the documents through mail. You are not supposed to visit the Office of sure soft. No Physical presence of Directors/ Shareholders required.
  • 2. How much time taken for registration of the Company?
    In case all documents provided in proper order, your company shall get registered in 3 working days only.
  • 3. What is the minimum capital required for registration of a One Person Company ?
    There is no minimum capital (Authorised or Paid-up Capital) required for registering an OPC. A person can register his business with a Rupee also.
  • 4. What is Maximum Limit of share Capital investment in a One Person Company ?
    A person cannot invest the money as share capital more than Rupees 50 Lakhs (Rupees Fifty Lakh) only. In means, the shareholder can invest only upto fifty lakh rupees as share capital in an OPC.
  • 5. Is there any limit of Business Turnover for OPC?
    Yes, an OPC can not do the business of more than two crore rupees (2Cr.) in a year.
  • 6. What is the consequence if an OPC have a turnover more than two crore rupees (2Cr.) in a year?
    If an OPC has its average annual turnover of immediately preceding three consecutive financial years exceeds two crore rupees (2Cr.). Then the OPC shall have to be converted into a private limited company or public limited company.
  • 7. What is Minimum Directors Required for registration of a One Person Company?
    As an OPC has only one member only, there can be one director. An OPC should have a minimum of one (1) director for its registration.
  • 8. What is the limit of the Maximum Number of Directors in a One Person Company?
    Just as a Private Limited Company, an OPC cannot hold more than 15 Directors at a time. It means, An OPC can not appoint more than 15 directors at a time.
  • 9. What is Minimum Shareholders Required for registration of a One Person Company?
    For registration of an OPC only (1) shareholder is required.
  • 10. What is the limit of the Maximum Number of Shareholders in One Person Company?
    There can only be on shareholder for An OPC. However, OPC can appoint more than one director with a maximum limit of 15 directors.
  • 11. Whether the shareholder of a One Person Company can transfer its shares to others ?
    As there is only one shareholder, he cannot transfer its partial shares to others. He has to transfer its 100% shares to another person and if he does so, there shall be a complete transfer of business from one person to others. All the provisions with respect transfer of shares shall apply.
  • 12. Whether a One Person Company can be listed as a stockbroker in Stock exchange?
    "One Person Company (OPC) can be registered as a stockbroker. However, OPC has to fulfill all criteria, rules, and regulations specified under Securities Contract (Regulation) Rules, 1957," Further, OPCs can register himself as a sub-brokers of any stockbroker.
  • 13. Is it a difficult task to registered or incorporate One Person Company?
    No. You should feel, it’s a child’s play to registered or incorporate One Person Company with the team of SURE SOFT. As Suresoft has a dedicated technical and professional in-house team, you should get registration of One Person Company in 7 working days only .
  • 14. Whether the family members can be Share Holder of a One Person Company?
    OPC can have only one person as a member and its mandatory to appoint one as his nominee. The name of member and nominee shall be mentioned in Memorandum of Association. Whether a person resident outside India can register its business as OPB Only an individual who is an Indian citizen and resident in India is eligible to incorporate an OPC and be a nominee for the sole member of the OPC.
  • 15.At which Location SURE SOFT providing services of Incorporation?
    SURE SOFT is one of the leading service providing firm. It is providing service in all over India. Sure Soft can be registered/ incorporate a One Person Company in any State in India.
  • 16. Whether we have to visit the office of SURE SOFT for documentation and other related works?
    No, You are not supposed to visit the Office of Suresoft. You have to provide all the documents through mail. No Physical presence of Directors/ Shareholders required
  • 17. What statutory Requirement to be completed after registration of a company?
    After registration or incorporation of a Private Limited Company, one has to Open a Current bank account • Appoint a Statutory Auditor • The paid-up capital should be deposited in Bank Current Account • File Commencement of Business Form
  • 18. Can a company have to take office on Rent or can be registered at home address?
    A person can register his company either from rented office or from his house.
  • 19. Can a One Person company eligible to make Foreign Direct Investment?
    OPC cannot make an arrangement for FDI.
  • 20. Are there any other hidden charges?
    No, it's inclusive of Tax.
  • 21. Is to write it necessary the words “one person company” after the name of any such company?
    Yes. the words ‘‘One Person Company’’ shall be mentioned in brackets, at the end of the name of such company.
  • 22. Can Non Individual form or incorporate an OPC?
    Only an Individual person who is an Indian Citizen and resident in India can incorporate/form an OPC.
  • 23. Can an Individual person incorporate more than one OPC??
    An Individual person can’t incorporate more than one OPC.
  • 24. Can a person act as as a nominee in more than one OPC?
    An Individual person can’t be a nominee in more than one OPC.
  • 25. Can the member of the OPC change the nominee?
    As per the third proviso to section 3(1) of the Companies Act 2013, the member of the OPC may at any time change the name of the nominee by giving notice.